Our focus is to organize a large group of volunteers of varying skills, availability and commitment into a group that is highly effective at ideating, coordinating and accomplishing tasks that aid the medical community’s ability to answer key questions related to COVID-19


We are all in this together and for the sake of our high risk segments of the population, it is incumbent on every member of society, every business and every government to make an effort in solidarity to overcome this Pandemic using all the tools available with the collective creative problem solving capability of human society worldwide.In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House and a coalition of leading research groups have prepared the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19).

This freely available dataset is provided to the global research community to apply recent advances in natural language processing and other AI techniques to generate new insights in support of the ongoing fight against this infectious disease
Coronavirus COVID 19 - volunteers to help fight against coronavirus


Coronavirus COVID 19 - volunteers to help fight against coronavirus
The current state of global analysis work is fragmented and chaotic. For CoronaWhy to fulfil its mission it has to present as professional, responsive, effective. We invite collaboration and support.

We need to be the still point in the chaos that can magnetize and orient both those working on COVID-19 related issues and those seeking reliable information.

We are improving the effectiveness of worldwide efforts aimed at understanding COVID-19 and improving outcomes in all. We are helping organize multidisciplinary volunteers into functional and coordinated working groups. We are matching tasks, volunteers and resources to best effect


"CoronaWhy is an international group of 300+ volunteers whose mission is to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data pertinent to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure all findings reach those who need them"
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"CoronaWhy opens new horizons for medical research with Big Data: We use the Slack messaging service to communicate internally. We make a daily video call with Zoom to coordinate and update the different work teams."
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"Machine-learning expert Artur Kiulian, a Kaggle member in Los Angeles, is coordinating around 800 experts world-wide to work on different aspects of the data set."
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"One of the challenges, Kiulian says, is taking unstructured data combed from thousands of research papers and turning it into something more manageable."
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"Story about how CoronaWhy got started"
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WHo we are

Artur Kiulian started CoronaWhy because he realized that we are all in this together.  Now CoronaWhy is an international group of 700+ volunteers whose mission is to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data pertinent to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure all findings reach those who need them. It's impossible to list everyone out but we will eventually.

Daniel Lindenberger
Daniel Lindenberger
Focused on Organization / Logistics. Consensus facilitation, conflict resolution, workshop development & leadership, programming, business planning.
Artur Kiulian
Artur Kiulian
Runs venture studio that helps build technology using AI/machine learning. Degree in Systems of Artificial Intelligence. Author of “Robot Is The Boss”, Member of Forbes Technology Council
Anton Polishko
Anton Polishko
Independent consultant/advisor on AI/ML for startups, full-stack developer and a co-founder of tech ventures. He is a published author of predictive modeling algorithms with application in computational biology
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The White House


Sponsored: High power Virtual Machine for Data Visualization
"The CORD-19 datasets are a real challenge for our data visualisation authors (using Power BI and similar tools) - they are both high volume and quite complex. Ordinary laptops are not up to the job, so we were running on a rag-tag collection of personal gaming machines and borrowed infrastructure. We also urgently needed to collaborate on a shared platform to produce consistent output.The team from JPL helped us out at just the right moment - offering a powerful Virtual Machine that can support multiple authors, with a fast internet connection. Now we feel confident in onboarding further authors into an environment where they can hit the ground running."

- Mike Honey, DataViz Team
Sponsored: Our first sponsored Server
"The bureaucratic wheels can turn pretty slowly in larger organizations, so getting computational resources quickly enough to process our data in a meaningful way was difficult. EZP saved us by spinning up a server in no time and making it available. I was able to process millions of lines of unstructured data for more than 300 people to use in their machine learning and data analysis pipelines; without these resources, it would have taken weeks to get data for everyone to use, and those weeks potentially translate to lives at stake."
Sponsored: $5000 Google Cloud Platform credits
Sponsored: $4000 credits

who we need

  • Non-technical talent (project managers etc)
  • Experienced problem formulators & solvers, we are severely understaffed with people who can take unstructured information and transform it into the actionable task
  • People with experience in medical domains (virology, epidemics, biology)
  • Cross-discipline operators (people that work on the intersection of different subject domains like technology + medicine)
  • Researchers & principal investigators, traditional academic background that are familiar with the process
  • Marketers & Communicators (we, as a group, need to more effectively spread our core message and mission to organizations that can help us)
  • Data engineers (there is a lot of data and we need to preprocess and enrich it)
  • Developers (we still need to build traditional non-AI systems to help ML pipeline)
Please spread our "Call to Action" document across your social channels to maximize reach about who we are and what we need help with right now.

How to join

We are working on streamlining the process, please join our slack and trello as those are the main tools that are used right now

Daily progress

Apr 5, 2020

0:11 - Generics on Organizational Challenges
1:04 - PM Organization Challenges (choosing PM leader)
2:33 - Looking for someone to maintain the main Trello board
4:09 - HR Challenges and Team Needs
6:16 - Team Reporting Overview and Structure
6:34 - Risk Factors (@Mayya)
10:13 - Help Needed for Risk Factors Task
14:00 - Geography Team Report (@Daniel Robert-Nicoud)
14:25 - Transmission Team Report (@Christine Chen)
16:17 - Vaccines Team Report (@Dan Sosa)
18:15 - Kaggle Submissions Guidelines
19:30 - Action Items and Responsible People

Actionable tasks
- find maintenance person for the main board (DONE)
- schedule calls across different teams (NEED HELP)
- figure out team needs and their fulfillment

Apr 4, 2020

Action items
- Formalize the list of skill-tags in order to facilitate new resource on-boarding
- Back-log pruning for the slacker boards.
- We have a new member on slacker, they need to be connected to the right team/task.Summary

00:01 - First successful internal education webinar
01:11 - Note taker process/protocol
04:34 - There is no magical solution to PM, it’s all about full integration into teams
05:48 - Different types/dimensions of managers needed
07:05 - Visualizing onboarding management process
08:55 - Task-specific PM
12:45 - Connecting human resources and PM
13:15 - Manual MVP for match people to teams by tags
15:12 - Communications: understaffed but trying to serve needs of teams
19:50 - Team: Risk Factors Update
20:01 - Team Risk Factors: Update
23:45 - Team Geo: Update
27:50 - Team Transmission: Update
30:00 - Team Vaccines: Update
31:32 - Computational resources update
33:00 - Discussing ideal outputs of the tasks
34:00 - Content needed (articles, infographics, interviews)

Apr 3, 2020

00:53 - Amazing progress of Vaccines research team - You can check out which and how specific drugs are being covered in the WhiteHouse CORD-19 dataset.

05:05 - Latest update on Risk Factors, Geo, Transmission and Vaccines teams progress.

11:42 - Insights about achievements on NLP tasks.

12:48 - Our ideas on how to organize/manage medical experts integration into specific tasks.

16:00 - Successful presentation of CoronaWhy progress to internal Deloitte division with potential allocation of human resources

April 2, 2020


(5 min) New trello board structure intro/slack groups (Daniel)

(1 min) Quite note for team roster changes (no emails exposed from now on)

(2 min) Potential for a non-Kaggle task that can be added to #task-vt scope of work via independent team, Artur had two calls about it and overall feedback from everyone makes sense to kick it off, need a team lead that is not Artur

(5 min) Discuss current blockers and how to make progress within individual tasks (Admin team)

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